At Yoga in Everything™, we combine yoga and meditation techniques with storytelling through poetry, prose, photography, arts and crafts in order to connect with ourselves and the people and environment around us. 

Our workshops and events for kids center around various themes connected to social justice and environmental conservation. We can also tailor workshops to any topics you may wish to explore.

Through the use of physical and mental exercises, writing, photography and exploring the world through an artistic prism, Yoga in Everything™ aims to inspire, empower and kindle creativity.

Kids who join our programmes get to take a look at the world through our eyes and learn how they can be the change they wish to see in themselves, their community and their planet.

Yoga in Everything™ is a registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance International and authorized to carry out 95-hour kids yoga teacher trainings.

About Christina

Christina is a published author of four kids books and one adult book. She has conducted dozens of storytelling workshops and author visits in schools and other organizations across the UAE, in India, as well as in refugee camps of Iraq and Northern Greece. She has been featured as participating author at the Sharjah Children's Reading Festival, the Emirates Literature Festival in Dubai and the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

She is also a 500-hour certified yoga teacher, having completed her 200-hour training in India and her 300-hour training in the UAE and Bali.

By background, Christina is a photojournalist with almost 15 years experience as reporter, editor and photographer in newspapers and magazines around the globe.

She holds a BA in Journalism from Marquette University in Milwaukee, USA; an MSc in Journalism from Northwestern University in the USA; and an MA in Photojournalism from the University of Westminster in the UK.

Thousands of her kids books in English, French and Arabic have been donated to refugee camps in northern Greece, Iraq and beyond. 

She is also the mum of three awesome kids.

For more information about Christina's work please visit her website at or contact us. You can find an overview of her kids books here.

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